My Hair Today: One Week Post Relaxer


Check here for my July relaxer update
I've co-washed about 3x since I relaxed-the last one was Yesterday where I used forever living ph balanced conditioner to wash, followed with Kuza cholesterol. This morning,I applied jbco, cantu sheabutter and sealed with raw sheabutter. I then blow dried alternating between cool and medium since the hair was a bit wet.

I'm thinking of getting braids after a while in preparation for the next school section (sandwich) which starts 3 days after the current section is over! The sandwich programme is hectic to the max so I either braid or stick to a strict regimen during that time to ensure maximum retention.

Am also pausing my use of ORS replenishing conditioner, and Kuza and rather use Creme of Nature argan oil intense treatment alongside Keracare humecto for more moisture as the sun has been quite unfriendly sometimes due to the changing seasons.

I hope to empty my current stash before new year and that's one of the reasons why I may not braid till that is done. I want to have only 3 deep conditioners- Keracare, CON treatment and ORS with occasional use of the Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. The game plan is to use a moisturizing treatment twice a week and the kuza once every two weeks till its out. Same applies to my little bottle of Dark and lovely cholesterol.

More like mini goals, right? Have a blessed day and thanks for reading.


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