November in Review; December Goals

November is also going! was eventful for the most part. Let me break down November in review and December plans for you.
My Secura hair and facial steamer got destroyed by high voltage but fortunately, Secura company has decided to help me out though I caused the problem; should have double checked the voltage level for Ghana.!
I have used the dryer on my hair and it left my hair very soft. Love it!
*Bought 1 keracare humecto and 1 keracare leave in. Will get two bottles of humecto later.
Forgot to take the kuza and dark and lovely home to give to a sister. Will leave them with my mom if am able to visit them or give them to someone to do so.
I do exercise indoors and it's great. Need to persevere!
* Will see my senior lecturers to work on my research! Yea!!
* I was consistent with my multi vitamins; almost daily. Now, let me say that it was worth it!
* I no longer have hooded and steamer is on hold but I'll wait till next year to decide on a dryer because I still live in a guest house and having a dryer won't just work there!
Inversion challenge: couldn't complete it because I've not been well.
*Getting CON sulfate free shampoo and intense treatment to use. Want to see if the sulfate shampoos also contribute to my messed up hair!I have shared my new year goals and will be working with that too:)
How are your goals coming?


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