October in Review; November Plans

--> It's the final lap of year 2013! The year has gone quite fast or it's just my thinking?lolAnyways, October was eventful for the most part. Let me break down October in review and November plans for you.
*My two hair tools arrived; Secura hair and facial steamer and Conair blow dryer! I have used the dryer on my sister's hair as well as my friend's and the results were amazzzzzing! Will use it on my hair soon! I'll be trying the Secura facial this weekend and possibly dc with the hair steamer.
*Bought 2 bottles of ORS replenishing conditioner plus one creme of nature detangling shampoo-all 32oz. Will keep one in each home.
* Am shipping products from amazon and I have kanechom chocolate moisturizing treatment; decided to get 2 conditioners from Aussie. I have replaced the other deep conditioners with sublimed sulphur!
*Decided to use the dark and lovely cholesterol for co-washing and it works best that way for me now. Won't purchase Herbal Essences as a result.
*Got hemp and almond  oils too! I've added them to my spray bottle mix and burdock oil too!Have jbco too so am through with oils for now:)
* Tried exercising but the rains are still incessant at dawn; will go back to a different routine this month
* My research papers are on hold as I've had a lot of work load. It won't be any different this month but I've increased my reading time to cover more this month.
* I was consistent with my multi vitamins; almost daily. Now, let me say that it was worth it! Look out for a post on my current hair length and how the vitamins helped with growth! Will continue the consistency this month; already added one of the vitamins to my amazon cart.
* I no longer have hooded dryer so no flexi rods nor perm rods; I got twists for the rest of October. Don't know what I'll do for this month but the new stylist's techniques worked well; will follow those techniques for my braids.
* For this month, no co-washing; at least till I find a suitable technique to combat extreme shrinkage.
* Buy more hair accessories; need them for elegant styles.
Nothing really for November; simply enjoy my tools and products.
How are your goals coming?


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