Wash Day: Soft Hair Awakened!

--> Amen. Initially, I'd decided to co-wash  as the Ghana-Egypt match was on going. Am not a football enthusiast but at least I was eavesdropping. I used a mix of the VO5 conditioner and Suave Almond sheabutter (review coming tomorrow) and followed with motions moisture plus conditioner, covered with plastic cap for about 10 minutes. I, actually, don't feel any "plus" with the motions-full review will be up soon.

 I changed my mind and decided to shampoo the hair as I'd been doing some green house effect. I grabbed my sweet creme of nature detangling shampoo (review here) and lathered only once. It was at this moment that I observed  a minute of silence for the death of my protein overload lol. I was dancing and massaging the shampoo into the hair and wished it were a conditioner! I hadn't felt this soft and smooth hair in ages!!!!

As a matter of fact, I took a video of my "ridiculous" dance movements but I a'int sharing it lol. I don't know how am going to use up my protein based products but I do know I'll be using my protein leave ins along side moisturizing ones not alternatively. For the deep conditioners, be it light or medium protein, I'll definitely follow up with moisture treatment. I've had enough of protein overload this year and it ends now.

I t-shirt dried for a minute and air dried for 3 minutes before applying keracare humecto (review here). Covered with plastic cap for almost 30 minutes. I was super excited to air dry because when my hair is that soft, air drying is a breeze! After the keracare humecto was washed, I added hawaiian silky leave conditioner and air dried in a bun because shrinkage is a pain and I don't like it.

Sorry couldn't take pictures because my hands room was a bit dark.

My next wash will be on Sunday after because I'll be doing the green house effect again.


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