When You Live At Two Places!

--> On several occasions, I've had to deal with living at two different locations due to studies. Due to this, I struggled with keeping products at both places because those were the days I couldn't afford having two of each item.
To cope with my up and down movement, I rather got small bottles and divided the product into two parts! Since I spent more time in school more that at home, the quantity for home was less.
Then, with rollers and other tools, I left them at home just to save me the temptation of trying fancy styles or blow drying and rather air dried. Salon visits were rare!

The quality of water also impacts the state of the hair. I believe that our hair adjusts to the kind of water we use. To ensure that I didn't experience set backs from the frequent change, I clarified regularly.
Now, I find myself in that situation; not as a student though so I can afford to have different products at both places with the exception of a few tools. I'll leave my steamer, blow dryer and Tripod at my second place and make use of my stylist at home for any deep conditioning treatment. Did I tell you her services are pretty inexpensive?

The annoying thing is I have to plan  very well in order to ensure that the situation doesn't turn me into a junkie. A bit here and there can be deceptive in terms of numbers!

Do you hustle between places? How do you cope?


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