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Reviewed Products Revisited

--> This post was inspired by EbonyCPrincess of longing4length's article on what happens after we share our views about a product- do we continue using them? In no particular order, let's start.
1. Keracare Humecto (Review here):  I've literally only had this as my moisturizing deep conditioner since I did the review and I won't be replacing it. If anything at all, I'll add another moisturizing deep conditioner. The results from this product has been consistent; it's curbed my protein issues, and a little goes a long way though it's pricey. I have discovered the big bottle which is comparatively cheaper so I'll be saving to get it for the year.

Mira's hair: Protective styling, sew in weave

I got a sew in weave installed today. Hopefully I am going to keep it past 4 weeks. It's getting dry here. And I have exams. I won't have time to style my hair while observing healthy hair rules. That's why I opted for the sew in. I will spritz my hair with water twice in a week and moisturise with my castor oil and olive oil mix almost daily. I will massage my scalp daily. Continue drinking loads of water and taking biotin. That's going to be my lifestyle for 4 weeks. Definately going to miss washday as I will be using my dry shampoo.
also i created an instagram page. Follow my journey @nisa_hrhj
love..... Miranisa ♥♡★☆

Wash Day @ 7 Weeks Post Relaxer

--> Hi ladies, hope you are enjoying the season of love!  I've had wonderful gifts from the Lord which I'll share with you later!I didn't think I'll be home celebrating the festive season due to work schedule. Somehow, I took ill so I had to be home and am grateful for this! Alright, to the wash with my stylist.
1. Pre pooed with olive oil
2. Shampooed with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo (see my review here)
3. Deep conditioned with ORS replenishing conditioner for 10 minutes under hooded dryer
4. Applied S-curl no drip moisturizer and rollerset

I'll be bringing down my stuff back home from my work station so I'll have my burdock and tea rinse with me again.

How's your hair doing?

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wishing you a joyous celebration of the birth of our saviour!!
Let your light so shine that others will be brightened by it!!

Mira's Hair: Relaxer Update (9 weeks post)

I touched up on my relaxer last Saturday at 9 weeks post. Used Profevtiv Relax and Refresh colour plus relaxer (no lye) and I think I will make it a staple.  She relaxed only the new growth and she said I didn't need a trim because my ends looked fine.  Hopefully my next relaxer will be in March. God be my helper. Picss..... Relaxer on ng only. I had about an inch Relaxer washed out with the neutralising shampoo
After relaxer. Yay! I have thicker hair!
Combed my hair today. I'm at my lower neck now. hopefully i will graze shoulder length or me shoulder length after my next relaxer.

Meet Amarachi, the sensational 8 year old with beautiful natural hair!

I love everything about her!

Wash Day @ 5 Weeks Post And Length Check

--> This wash Day was also simple.1. I did a prepoo treatment with roux porosity control (catch my review here) on the dry hair and went about my chores - I think I left it on for 15-20 minutes.

2. Went to Rose for a wash starting with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo (See my review here)

3. Applied Herbal Essences volume conditioner

4. Deep conditioned with Keracare humecto for 15 minutes under the dryer.

Pause: At this moment, I get to meet one of my readers, the lovely Mey, who had come for a crotchet weave! Awesome occasion.

5. Got a roller set and did a length check. I'll get another trim in a few months time- want to make sure my ends stay healthy as well as get the henna out.

I had almost reached line 7 when I did my first cut which took me to line 4; followed up with another cut that took me to about line 0 lol-actually between neck and ear length. Am aiming for line 5 by July which is 5 inches. I can't use the biotin for now but as soon as I recover, I'll b…

Mira's hair: Wash Day

--> Washed my hair the next day after taking off the weave. Shampooed with D&L moisture plus conditioning shampoo because I was home and I left my own products at home. Then I deep conditioned with ORS olivs oil replenishing conditioner. My hair felt  so soft. I was running my fingers through continually.  Then I held my very first pony. OMG! total blissss. I love how my hair is growing.  It's awesome.  Shampooing my hair Wash day cucurls
my pony!!!! my tiny tiny bun i made using a teenie tiny sock donut ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mira's hair: Length check after the weave

--> After taking off the weave I realised I not only retained lenght but gained some. I was super excited.  I love how my hair is growing ♥♥♥♥
My hair : Nov 3 My hair Dec 8. Yay! After taking out the weave My hair Dec 8. I was super excited
my hairrrr!! ♥♥♥♥

Mira's hair: 3 weeks and 4 days in a weave

I did a protective style for 3 weeks and 4 days and it was a sew-in short weave and it was initially supposed to last 4 weeks. But last Sunday I decided I couldn't go any more. I missed my hair so much. I coukd feel the new growth and I was dying to see my current length. 
During the weeks --> . I  was and I still am on the water challenge. Took and I'm still taking biotin. And did an inversion during my second week.  My scalp under the weave prior to taking off the weave.
my scalp after removing the weave. 
the weave. Did a short weave and loved it.

2 Years Of Blogging Give Away!

--> My blog is 2 years old today!!!! For this special occasion, I'll give out a product from one of my favourite brands worth 60gh! Simply answer the following questions:1. How did you find my blog?
2. How has the blog helped you?
3.What do you wish to see on the blog?
Give away ends on the 17th of December!! The winner will be randomly selected!

Co-Wash @ 5 Weeks Post!

I purchased herbal Essences hello hydration coconut and orchid conditioner and the uplifting volume conditioner!

 I'll be using products that have worked for me and are also protein free. I'm still waiting for my new products to arrive so until then, the coconut and orchid conditioner will suffice.
I co-washed and I wish I could leave the conditioner on the whole day! I'll be using it regularly because the harmattan is finally in and dry hair isn't part of the agenda. 
My hair is still damp- do check out my fb for pictures.

Wash Day @ 4 Weeks

--> Almost 5 weeks actually.Since am home, I went to my stylist, Rose, for a wash.
1. Cleansed with ORS aloe shampoo
2. Applied roux porosity control for a minute
3. Deep conditioned with Creme Of Nature Argan oil intense treatment( first time use). Sat under dryer for 10 minutes
4. Deep conditioned with Keracare Humecto for 15 minutes.
5. Skipped leave in because I left the Hawaiian silky leave in at my base and haven't yet been to town to get S-curl
6. Roller set
I'll get a small bottle of S-curl during the week plus one small bottle of herbal essences conditioner. Managed to get a phone shot but it wasn't nice. Will take some and share on my fb in the course of the week.