Reviewed Products Revisited

--> This post was inspired by EbonyCPrincess of longing4length's article on what happens after we share our views about a product- do we continue using them? In no particular order, let's start.
1. Keracare Humecto (Review here):  I've literally only had this as my moisturizing deep conditioner since I did the review and I won't be replacing it. If anything at all, I'll add another moisturizing deep conditioner. The results from this product has been consistent; it's curbed my protein issues, and a little goes a long way though it's pricey. I have discovered the big bottle which is comparatively cheaper so I'll be saving to get it for the year.

2. Kuza Indian Hemp Cholesterol (Review here): I loved this product too but after a while, I realised that leaving it longer than 2 minutes on my hair left my hair hard. My search revealed that cholesterol products also contain product so I've stopped using it. Apart from that, I have no complaints against it.

3. Queen Helene cholesterol with ginseng (Review here) : Another cholesterol treatment so I parted ways with it. The keratin content is good for those looking for a mid relaxer treatment. I gave away the remaining bottle.

4. Roux porosity control conditioner ( Review here) I've been using it and it's a keeper. I've recently been using it as a pre poo treatment and it's awesome that way! The moisturizing shampoo tames the protein in it!

5. Creme of Nature Detangling shampoo ( see review here): I've been using it the whole year and it's not leaving my stash! A great detangler too which means I get two uses out of it too.

6. Vatika Coconut oil (review here) : Gave away the rest because I couldn't get over the smell; some ladies are ok with the smell though. Aside that, it's a great product.

7. Cantu Sheabutter leave in (review here) I have stuck to this and will maintain it as my protein leave in. 

On the whole, I have maintained a majority of the products and won't be replacing them.
 What products have you liked or disliked in 2013?


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