Wash Day @ 5 Weeks Post And Length Check

--> This wash Day was also simple.1. I did a prepoo treatment with roux porosity control (catch my review here) on the dry hair and went about my chores - I think I left it on for 15-20 minutes.

2. Went to Rose for a wash starting with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo (See my review here)

3. Applied Herbal Essences volume conditioner

4. Deep conditioned with Keracare humecto for 15 minutes under the dryer.

Pause: At this moment, I get to meet one of my readers, the lovely Mey, who had come for a crotchet weave! Awesome occasion.

5. Got a roller set and did a length check. I'll get another trim in a few months time- want to make sure my ends stay healthy as well as get the henna out.

I had almost reached line 7 when I did my first cut which took me to line 4; followed up with another cut that took me to about line 0 lol-actually between neck and ear length. Am aiming for line 5 by July which is 5 inches. I can't use the biotin for now but as soon as I recover, I'll be back on it. Am currently using T444Z and will give you an update on that.

My hair is pretty smooth now meaning no raised cuticles right? I'm glad my simple regimen is working well. The only problem now is getting a protein free moisturizer-Cantu  sheabutter works well but I can't use it daily because of the protein and the ORS intense moisture cream is only one so I have access to it only at my base. I might divide it into two lol. Can't wait to lay my hands on the Elasta QP mango butter moisturizer. I'll be going to central market to find it! If you can help me get it, please let me know.I don't want to use the S-Curl as a moisturizer that's the reason for the Elasta QP. Since am still in my "buying" month, am all smiles but as soon as I hit January, I can't get anything new :).

Overall, I love the thickness of the ends though  I don't see that when am styling it lol.

How did your wash day go?


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