Wash Day @ 7 Weeks Post Relaxer

--> Hi ladies, hope you are enjoying the season of love!  I've had wonderful gifts from the Lord which I'll share with you later!I didn't think I'll be home celebrating the festive season due to work schedule. Somehow, I took ill so I had to be home and am grateful for this! Alright, to the wash with my stylist.
1. Pre pooed with olive oil
Got love the thicker hair!
2. Shampooed with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo (see my review here)
3. Deep conditioned with ORS replenishing conditioner for 10 minutes under hooded dryer
4. Applied S-curl no drip moisturizer and rollerset

I'll be bringing down my stuff back home from my work station so I'll have my burdock and tea rinse with me again.

How's your hair doing?
loving the bangs!


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