5 Terms I Dislike In The Hair Care Community

--> Am going to be very blunt in expressing my feelings; don't take it personal!

1. Creamy crack/white crack-referring to relaxer. This is my face>:/ when I hear ladies whether relaxed or natural use it. I see that word to be derogatory and one the occasions I've used it, it was more of being sarcastic because a lot of the time I've seen it in use, it's from naturals. The word "crack" is usually in reference to an addiction and if it were so with relaxers, then, people would have to see counsellors or psychologist to go off it!

    2. Teamsomething: teamnoheat, teamtransitioning,teamrelaxed,teamnatural etc (mostly in hash tags). What are your colours and where are your jerseys? Seriously, these demarcations signify disunity among black women especially those in hair care. It doesn't matter your choice, it still remains YOUR choice. I feel uncomfortable when ladies want to put me in a suit be it relaxed or natural; I don't like it at all. I have seen that trend emerging among Ghanaian ladies on the hair journey and that influence wouldn't augur well with us. We are still young in this whole noise about healthy hair and need to be united to encourage and motivate others to join. Related to this is the terms "naturalandlovingit' relaxedandloving it.  No one hates her hair so why this?

3. Hair Idol: What is an idol? (for my x'tians) If you know the meaning of that word, I don't think you should be comfortable using it in reference to another human, most especially, over something frivolous like hair! I simply don't get it where that term came from. Personally, "crush" is a better word than "idol'. I won't idolize any human regardless of who or what they are. Other words like "inspiration", "motivator" suffice.

4. Hair Porn: my face[-X each time I see this word. We tend to forget that kids also read our blogs and it isn't an appropriate word to use in reference to your favourite hair length or whatever it is. The word "porn" is a clipped form of "pornography" so how does sex relate to beautiful hair? I don't get the connection. I've seen this word on hair forums and it's pretty distasteful to me!

5. 4C Curl definition: for what? Aside the division between the different hair choices, within the natural hair community, you'll find those searching and screaming for curl definition even with their 4zzz hair! I mean, when those with looser curls want curl definitions, there is nothing wrong with that but please don't flaunt it like that's all there is to being natural. I've seen new naturals talking about their curl defintion ( pattern) and what to use to define those curls. If they realise their hair has definition, then, it's cool else shopping malls and shops make money from ladies buying all sorts of products to define a non-existent curl! Before you ask, I have 4b,c hair and when people mail me about defining their 4c, I simply just lack a response! I might be chocolate-fair in complexion but yes, I'm 4c and I have no curl  definition.

What terms get you wondering? Share your thoughts


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