December In Review; January Goals

--> My December goals weren't many and that was because I have simplicity as my target. Click here for the goals.

1. Make it to 12 weeks post relaxer. I'm not relaxing yet but it will take a lot of effort to handle my 4c new growth. At currently 8 weeks, my hair is still manageable. I'm guessing that the S-curl no drip moisturizer keeps the new growth soft which makes daily styling easier. I use as little as possible on the relaxed parts-I'll do a video on how I moisturize and seal to demonstrate what I mean.

2. Will get duck bill clips to use on wash days to keep the new growth stretched. For now, I go to my stylist for washes but should it happen that I want do my own wash or co-wash, I'll need an effective stretching technique.

3. I got the Creme of Nature intense treatment but it didn't work as a moisturizing treatment for me; it's more of a protein treatment. I'll do a review on it as soon as possible. I might give the shampoo a try next year lol.

4. I've given out the kuza and dark and lovely cholesterol alongside other products which leaves me with just a handful of products- basic ones.

5.  Apply jbco or t444z on my edges daily; mostly use jbco when home and t444z when at work because I lie down a lot at home and I don't want any tingling on my face or hands.

6. Do two tea rinses as a preventive measure against shedding.


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