Interesting Reactions To My Big Chop

--> I'll categorize the reactions I got for you.
1. The hypocritical compliments: It's nice, it looks good, wow, you are bold! In actual sense this is what they wish they could express!

 2. The blunt and honest: What is wrong with you? I don't like it, it's like we are back in the 70s. Aren't you married? You look like a 16 year old (that's an insult). Someone would kill to have the hair you cut off! Mtcheeeww!!

3. The shocked ones: What happened? Do you have a sickness that requires shaved hair? Eiiiish!!!Huhhhh?

4. Those who were disappointed because I made it clear I wasn't leaving nor joining any TEAMWHATEVER!

5. Those who were genuinely excited for me.

What category do you belong to? lol


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