Meeting My APL Goal-Is It Possible?

--> I know I've left a lot of my readers who are relaxed in limbo. What will happen to wash day posts, relaxed hair tips and relaxer updates etc? The changes in my hair were to alert you of changes in the regimen and practices but that doesn't really matter. Why? My pal Mira is still on a healthy relaxed journey so you won't miss out on anything. My good ol' friend Stella of Ghlonghair is available too.
On to my hair goals.
  • I was asked how I was going to make it to APL by July as I indicated in my 2014 goals (here) now that I've big chopped. Well, a goal doesn't change, it's the method of reaching it that changes. I'm not saying I can make it by then but it doesn't hurt to have big dreams! Hehehehe. Miracles happen so I won't be pessimistic either. The focus still remains, achieving an appreciable length by July.
  • How about my no buy challenge? (click here for details) Won't I be needing products for my natural hair? No! I will continue using my products and replace them when they are empty. I'm determined to see this goal through to the end! As the year rolls by, I'll be doing updates about my progress. So far, it's been 15 days into the no buy challenge and I haven't set my eyes on anything not to talk about purchasing. 


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