Mira's Hair: Wash day (4weeks 4 days post)

I washed my hair today. Last time I washed my hair was last week Thursday I took off my weave Wednesday evening. I took of the weave 1week 3 days earlier than intended because.
1. I inintially did the weave to protect my hair during my examination period and exams were over.
2. I had done the inversion the first week of my weave and I could feel and see the ng and I was dying to see it up close.
3. It was itching...... ok...... I lied...... that is made up. Lol. I just wanted to take off my weave
I took washed my hair the day after but I couldn't really document that.  It's been 6 days since my last wash. My hair felt oily. I did the GHE twice this week so I washed my hair.
1. Pre poo : Coconut oil for almost 40 mins
2. Shampoo in two sections with CON Argan oil sulfate free shampoo
3. Conditioned for about 10- 15 minutes with ORS olive oil deep Penetrating conditioner
4. Used ORS Elastic-i-tea herbal leave in
5. Roller Set
6. Wrap and hold up
Length check (front. Back. Side. Pony)


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