Reader Q: What Do I Intend To Do With My Hair?

Am going to address some reader questions in this post so stay tuned. I've got a lot of questions regarding what I will be doing in the coming months as the hair grows. Will I keep up with wash and go? Colour? Henna? Etc.
  • Why the big chop? I knew if I went the transitioning route, I wouldn't survive. Plus, it was obvious that I was struggling with getting the hair back to its health so there was no need keeping up with the torture.
  • What was my husband's reaction? I'd talked about getting rid of the damaged hair though he didn't know how and when I was going to do that. Even though he's not fond of short hair, he knows the hair will grow back so I guess experience played a major role here. He'd seen my first big chop and how the hair grew back. I didn't ask for his permission but I did want him to be comfortable with my decision that's why I expressed my intentions. 
  • For colour, yes, I'll dabble in colour but this time, with semi permanent. Why I didn't research semi permanents colours and temporary dyes or hair chalks before the henna still haunts me. Since wine or purple is  on my list, I'll definitely be using it though that will be next year because am on a no-new product buy challenge. In addition, I won't be dyeing the whole hair, a small portion or portions will be enough. 

    • Henna: I'm sure staying away from henna  as I have very fine strands and won't want straight hair permanently. 
    • What will be the first style you want to do once you have some length? Am currently using wigs but with my own hair, Afro kinky twists or crotchet braids
    • Wash n Gos:  I know from April, I'll be doing braids or twists with extensions quite frequently thus I won't be doing wash n gos for long!
    • Locs or loose natural? Definitely loose for now. I may get loc extensions but won't go for any permanent loc for years to come
    • What about my current relaxed hair products? I'll keep using them because the same products work for natural hair so there's no need to change. Back when I was natural, I used most these products thus it isn't something new.
    • Will I ever relax again? No. I did this big chop and that's the final one I'll do.
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