What Next? Hair Plans/Goals

Don't know what am talking about? Click here. Unlike the first big chop, this time I knew what am walking into as regards short hair. The awkward stage, especially, can be frustrating but afro kinky hair will be my friend when it comes to the worst lol.:)

Dh knew I was going to do it but didn't know when. If there's one thing he knows about me, there will be no point arguing about it with me except to hope and pray I grow it out quickly. He's simply adjusting to his unpredictable sweety hehehehe. Plus, I didn't go for the boyish cut; more of a tapered look at the top which is quite cool. Be sure you discuss drastic changes with your Significant other out of respect. Put yourself in their shoes to understand how they feel. A compromise won't hurt including transitioning:D.

With regard to plans, I'll continue with deep conditioning routine weekly and stick to the basics. I bet you, if there's something I know now about my hair, less is more!

For styling, I have enough at the top for straw or small roller sets and I will also have my perm rods with me soon thus you'll be seeing styles alright. If I have to braid, I'll use afro kinky twist.

The hair goals haven't changed, I'm focusing on length as the hair is now healthy. After it grows out a bit, it will be both health and length.
Now to the question on peoples mind- Will I relax again or be natural?

:-? What do you think?


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