5 Weeks Post Big Chop: Growing Like Weed!

It's been an amazing one month post big chop and an extra week! See the big chop video here. Unlike the first chop were I was so eager to see how long, fast my hair can grow, am more into getting style I love! 
Front cornrows

Ok, for the tapered part, I got it into cornrows-can you believe that? Then, another awesome thing happened, the sides could also fit into cornrows hehhehehehe!!! Box braids coming close babyyyyy. Anyways, I was afraid getting the back done will require some tight rows so I left that part out. At the end of this month, I'll get all the hair cornrowed as by then I'd have had more growth.
back view

See what am talking about? Anyways, still wigging with my custom made lace wig

I loveeeeeee this wig so much!!! I might get a bob one later in the year!

How's your hair doing?


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