February In Review, March Goals

--> See my February Goals here. Those goals were pretty simple and easy to follow.

1. Continue applying jbco daily: Passed! I have been consistent with both the Jamaican black castor oil as well as multivitamins. The growth I experienced resulted in the achievement of my first hair goal of the year- The Senegalese Twists [see video here]

2.Continue wigging whenever necessary-I upgraded from Twa in wigs to Twa in senegalese twists lol. This was the most exciting experience in February!

3. Do another oil rinse: I deliberately skipped this mainly because I didn't want to shampoo the hair for a while. During that period, I got the twist installed so that wasn't definitely going to work.


1. Be consistent with JBCO and multivitamins: The first part of the hair growth challenge starts tomorrow, 1st March and ends on the 31st of March. Therefore, am obliged to use these two every day of the month of March. I have two bottles of JBCO and enough multivitamins; I use the JBCO without diluting it which doesn't cause any problems for the scalp. [see my video on how I apply JBCO on my scalp whilst in braids]

2. On to another good news! My Secura steamer has landed!!! Yes, Secura sent me a replacement and I'll share all the details in my review of the steamer. For this reason, I got a step down from Starlite at Accra mall to prevent blowing up the fuse again. I intend removing the twists around 27th to give the hair some steaming before getting another set installed for April. I'll do a hot oil treatment with the steamer and also deep condition with it. I'll use the facial steamer whenever I can, might even be today lol. 

3.  As regards to hair products, the Aussie products and the Kanechom chocolate will be in use for the period of March. The Kanechom Chocolate looks good and I hope it smells great too. Though I haven't applied any of the Aussie products ie leave in and regular conditioner, I'm thrilled by their presence in my arsenal. I will  use the conditioner to detangle the hair after the twist take down thereby, getting the opportunity to test that too. The leave in will come in after the deep conditioning process.

Those are my intentions for March; what are your goals?
PS: I still have some hair products in the shop.


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