First Goal Achieved; Got The Twist!!!

At  5 weeks post big chop, I shared the cornrows I got.  On Val's day, I took down the cornrows which I've had for a week.

Am amazed at the rate of growth; the only product I've been applying is JBCO which I do on the occasions I remember to do so.
I also haven't shampooed in a month, simply co-washing with motions moisture plus, herbal essences voluminizing conditioner or forever living conditioner. After taking down the cornows, I asked Rose, my stylist if it's possible to get twist with extensions as I was tired of wigging. She responded, "why not?" "You have more than enough length to do so now".

my custom made lace wig
Now, my first desire after big chop [see here] was to be able to get Afro twist around April as per calculations, that will be when I'll have enough length to do so. I guess this makes these twists more than a style; it's an achievement!

We used one pack of Supreme royal silk afro twist braid and one pack of outre afro twist colour 2. It took us 5 hours with breaks in between so I could take some lunch/supper lol.

The end product is astonishingly gorgeous!!

As you can see, the edges were left out for their own safety lol. 


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