January In Review; February Goals

--> All said and done, a lot of the goals couldn't be achieved last month - see goals here- because of the big chop
  • The only goal I've been consistent with is using jbco on my edges and even the whole scalp daily. I've noticed an increase in growth and if you've been following me on www.instagram.com/ghanaianemprezz  or www.facebook.com/ghanaianemprezz , then, you are no stranger to the changes. 
  • I,however, did an oil rinse which I found very helpful in keeping the hair moisturized.
What do I intend doing this month?

  1. Continue applying jbco daily
  2. Continue wigging whenever necessary-I'll share some pictures of my custom made lace wig in my next post
  3. Do another oil rinse 
For now, these three will suffice as I can't really do much with the twa.
What are your goals?


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