Need Help In Creating A Relaxed or Natural Hair Regimen?

Ladies who have decided to embark on a healthy hair journey find it quite puzzling  deciphering all the products that are needed to care for relaxed hair and natural hair. Sometimes, it's difficult directing them to  where to find these products too.

To have a successful hair journey, you can't be an Island, you need to connect with other ladies to gain more knowledge from their own experiences. You also have the opportunity to see what they use, how they use their products and even get to know about new product lines.

The crucial part of being on a healthy hair journey is the regimen and if your regimen doesn't yield the results you want, you can be rest assured that you'll get frustrated.

How do you create a regimen? 
Building a regimen is dependent on several factors; budget, hair texture, hair needs, climate as well as genetics.

 If you have relaxed hair, your regimen will certainly differs from one with natural hair or even loced hair. If you have texlaxed or texturized hair, your routine will be different from bone straight relaxed hair. 4C hair routine will vary from 3B hair routine. Furthermore, the porosity of your hair be it high or low or normal also determines the routine to build. There are products targeted towards high porosity and low porosity hair thus you need to consider your porosity.

Whatever you choose to buy is based on how much you have to spend. Creating a regimen that involves twists outs and braid outs means you'll have to go beyond cleansing and conditioning and consider gels and curl creams. The brand you get is also about what you can spend.

Dry hair requires moisture hence your hair needs will also determine your regimen. If you live in a climate like ours, protein shouldn't be your concern. You need plenty of moisturizing in order to get the soft and manageable hair you dream of.

If you have allergies, you can't just drop any product into your cart. Some are allergic to nuts and other ingredients hence you need to pay attention to ingredients.

After all these, you can then move on to how to use the products.

From sulfate free shampoo, sulphate based shampoo, protein deep conditioner, moisture deep conditioner, protein leave in, moisture leave in, oils, butters and styling creams.

As you read this blog, you'll see how I use my products and when I use them.
To make my  readers more comfortable and less confused, I've scheduled a more personal means of interaction via my phone number 0541458372. You can contact me from 6pm - 9pm, Monday to Sunday. Am also available on whatsapp through the same number.


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