First 2014 Product Purchase: Elasta QP Olive Oil Mango Butter Moisturizer

Elasta qp mango butter moisturizer has been added  because s curl moisturizer is very light for my hair. My hair loves thick, creamy products so I needed something thicker than s curl.

This is my first purchase of the year and am glad it's a necessity and not a want. I've surprised myself with the no new products unless necessary or replacement policy as it's  steered me in a new direction- no product junkieness! I am still on the look out for ecostyler gel for these stubborn edges and that's the only product on my mind.

My no purchasing habit this year is going to continue till the 31st of December when I lift the ban due to the fact that by then, I'd have emptied the current stock to make room for a few new products I want to try. These are basically 3: rhaussoul or bentonite clays, curl creams and more natural oils.


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