March in Review; April Goals

So soon! See here for February Goals and here for March goals.
How did I do?
1. Keep using Jbco (done)

2. Continue with vitamins (done!). In fact, I restock them on a monthly basis so am doing pretty well with the intake.
3. Steam the hair (done!) I used the Secura O3 Facial and hair steamer and it felt good. I look forward to more sessions with it and to do a review around June when I have more length to experiment with.

3. Keep twists (failed) as I took them out and got braids instead which I have since replaced with crotchet. See video 

4. Use the Aussie Products (done!) I tried both the leave in and conditioner and I love them!! With all these in my stash, I have more than enough for the remaining 9 months of the year.  I haven't used the Kanechom yet because I think it's prudent to finish up the ORS replenishing conditioner before opening up a new deep conditioner.
5. In other news, I bought Elasta QP olive oil and  mango butter moisturizer. Read all about the why here

April Goals
1. Continue with jbco and multivitamin. I'll restock jbco, get bentonite and rhaussoul clays and a satin cap. The clays will be used when my regular shampoo runs out but since they are difficult to come by, the Sankofa event will be the best opportunity to stock up.

2.Take out crotchet at the end of the month. Let's see about that lol.

3. Do a length check before getting cornrows installed for my wig for the month of May.

4. Do a hot oil treatment and also steam the hair

What are your goals for April?

PS: we still have a few products in the shop


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