Wash Day @10 Weeks Post Big Chop

Well, the braids are out after almost 3 weeks in them.
Products and steps
1. Prepooed with olive oil under steamer for 10 minutes because the hair was very dry and I didn't want to clarify an already dry hair. 

2. Clarified with ORS aloe shampoo which I have now emptied. I'll be making Shea African soap soon so look out for a post on that. Did a second shampoo with Creme of nature detangling conditioner.

3. Applied Creme of nature intense treatment conditioner as I wanted a bit of protein in the hair to strengthen it. I haven't used protein in a long while!!

4.  Sat under steamer for a while and rinsed with cold water.

5. T shirt dried and added Aussie hair insurance leave in

6. I ended up blow drying by applying cantu sheabutter leave in and using Conair  3-in-1 blow dryer.

Have a new protective style which I'll share with you soon. 

The Wash Day Experience
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