Wash Day- 8 Weeks Post Big Chop + New Box Braids

After almost 3 weeks in the twists, heat and sand pushed me to take it down. The reason being that If I had washed the twists, it would have come off as my hair is pretty short. However, I also got the opportunity to try my Secura O3 Facial and hair steamer.

1. I didn't use anything in the take down process since the hair is too short to cause problems.
2. Shampooed 3x with ORS aloe shampoo- I hadn't shampooed in almost 6 weeks.
3. Applied keracare humecto, covered with steaming cap (available for 3gh)

During that time, I contemplated on using the steamer but couldn't get my lazy self to do so. I usually let the hubby do those assembling of gadgets but he wasn't around this time. After a while, I wondered what would happen if I didn't learn to assemble gadgets on my own. Off I went! I grabbed the components and in a matter of minutes the steamer was on!


Couldn't take better shots whilst under it. 
4. I sat under it for a couple of minutes and almost found myself sleeping under it because it felt comfortable. The next time I use it, I will set up the camera to capture it.
5. I rinsed the deep conditioner off with Aussie conditioner to mask the smell of the humecto. 
6. Then,detangled which was such a pain considering the hair hadn't had such a treatment in a long time. Those of my facebook page saw my lamentations. 
7. I applied Aussie hair insurance and whipped sheabutter afterwards. 
Next morning, I went to my stylist for the fact that am bent on keeping the hair tucked away. I got box braids installed.

Honestly, with this 4c hair, you can't pretend all is well. Till the next take down, take care ladies.


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