15 Weeks Post Big Chop; Mini Wash Day

I'd co washed the previous day thus I simply deep conditioned. My hair felt dry and crunching despite moisturizing with S curl no drip moisturizer and Elasta QP olive oil and mango butter.

****I did a mix of oils- sunflower, olive, coconut, castor among others in a bowl using  a teaspoon full of each.

****I added keracare humecto and to mask its scent which is too strong for me, I added Aussie moist conditioner.

****I stirred the mix very well with a spoon and applied it on the dry hair.

****Sat under the steamer for about 20  minutes.

****Then rinsed, applied Aussie hair insurance leave in and sealed with olive oil and airdried. 

Sorry for no pictures. 
My camera's memory hasn't been working lately making it difficult to take pictures. I'll get it sorted out as soon as possible.

How is your hair doing?


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