Ghanaian Weather and Hair Journey; What You Didn't Know

In school, we are taught two basic seasons; rainy and dry (harmattan) seasons. Well, that may be the case but does that pertain to our hair journey too? I wouldn't say so. The observations I've made as regards the changing weather are what am going to share with you.

*** These few weeks have seen a combination of rain and sun all in one day. The sun gets super hot and by evening, it rains. How does this affect your hair? When you moisturize and seal based on the morning weather, you may either use heavy sealants or thick products in general to ensure maxim protection from the harsh rays of the sun in order to retain moisture. However, with the rain fall in the evening comes a change in routine to avoid too much moisture penetrating the hair from the atmosphere. 

*** Apart from the trouble of using different products to keep up with these changes, it may also result in the inability to determine exactly what works and doesn't work on your hair. For example, when it rains in the morning and is the vice versa the next day, the change in routine could compel you to buy products to help fight hygral fatigue only for the daytime weather to cause a change in the feel of your hair as the hair wouldn't feel the same way and respond anymore to what you used in the morning by evening time. Having this at the back of your mind will ease the stress associated with such changes. You can also develop a better routine to accommodate these changes.

*** The rainy season isn't a homogeneous one; the severity of the rains may differ from area to area and commuting between areas can influence your hair journey. Going from wet hair to dry hair to wet hair especially when your hair gets caught in the rains could be hazardous to your hair. For example, some ladies get caught in the rain in one area only to get to the other side which is dry. By the end of the day, it might rain again leading to another wet hair. Hygral fatigue may set in but additionally, mushy hair could also be a negative effect. Don't loose sight of this when you are charting a course for your routine during the rainy season!

My favourite harmattan season  can cause major havoc to your hair. What happens if your hair isn't a fan of sheabutter or heavy oils? How about moving from Accra to Tamale which have two different harmattan impacts? I traveled to Tamale last year and the severity of the harmattan meant adjusting the regimen and incorperating new products to avoid breakage. Upon returning to Accra, I had not need for those extra products though it was still within the harmattan. At another time, I was in the Brong Ahafo region and found myself at a pretty wet area with showers almost every day. However, that wasn't the case in other parts of the same town which was extremely dry and hot! Each time I went to time, my hair would dry up but upon returning to my place, the wet atmosphere presents a different struggle.

I can not exhaust the impact of the variety of seasons we have but  with these few tips, I hope you will better equipped to handle your hair in this our weather!


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