Hair Update: Need New Products [PT1]

--> So far, I've been enjoying the no buy challenge I placed on myself because it's helping me in several ways:
**** I can easily tell what is  isn't working since am not switching products regularly. I have a few products I use to deep condition now thus am able to compare performance better with each treatment. That will also help with my reviews as it's easy to pinpoint  products pros and cons with even one application.

**** I think hard about what I want to get before getting it. I have a lot of wants but am able to decipher the needs from wants because I have to think hard about how much am spending and the purpose of the product. The limitation on what I can buy has led me to do more research about products before buying them.
**** I've been able to use up two conditioners already thereby reducing the current stash which means I can buy something to replace them if I desire to but won't do any way :)

For now, I've decided to give the Elasta QP olive oil and mango butter moisturizer to my younger sis to use on her natural hair because after several uses, it just doesn't work for my hair. With regard to that, am on the hunt for a new moisturizer, I don't intend getting it from amazon but rather in my locality so I can easily stock up. This is what I've come up with ,the African Pride line. I also want a creamy leave in minus protein to complete my stash of leave ins.

Currently, I have a liquid moisturizing leave in-Aussie Hair insurance leave in and a creamy protein one- Cantu sheabutter leave in. On non wash days, I like to sometimes use a leave in and I prefer protein free one but the Aussie leaves my hair too wet.
What are your views on these two?

In addition, am 3 weeks post relaxer and though I know I'll go beyond 8 weeks, I can't make up my mind on exactly how long I want to stretch. However, what I need to get fixed now is the relaxer I want to use. I have 3 on my  mind. By now, you know am an impulsive person and indecisive so I need to start planning ahead.
****Creme of Nature Argan oil no lye relaxer

****Mizani butter blend

****Affirm fiberguard

I've read reviews on these and still want more options so do drop your relaxer choice in the comment box.


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