Hair Update: Need New Products [PT2]

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Satin bonnet: I use two pillows covered with satin case but I do ohem sometimes so I need extra protection.

The ors aloe shampoo is a stable and the one I've had for almost 2 years finally ran out so it needs to be replaced.

Yeah, I know am not allowed to buy a new product until something runs out. I'm hopeful I'll empty another product pretty soon so I can buy this. It's quite expensive though (:

The keracare humecto you already know, is another stable so it's getting restocked.

Am not getting everything at a go; what I intend doing is to purchase them in order of necessity over the months even if it's till December. The first thing I want to get is the satin bonnet, moisturizer, relaxer, then the shampoo, and the others.

Let me know what you think about these products.


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