How To: Remove Glue From Your Hair

What am sharing is from my personal experience.
When I got the invisible sew in some months ago, the middle part was glued down. Also, I've had some tracks glued into my hair before and on both occasions, I successfully removed the glue without causing breakage to my own hair!

So how did I do it? A detangling conditioner!
[1] part the hair into small sections so you can apply the conditioner directly to the root of the hair.

[2] Apply the conditioner to the dry roots, only a section at a time. You may mix in coconut or olive oil for more slip. That means when you apply to a small section, you work on it before applying to the next section. This is to prevent missing some portions which will happen if you apply the conditioner to the whole head of hair at once.

[3] Use your fingers to feel the glued parts whilst combing it out gently with a medium teeth comb.
Repeat the steps until the whole head is free of glue.

[4] Rinse the hair under running water whilst combing to ensure complete removal of the glue.
Continue with your normal wash.


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