The Struggles After TWA

--> Hope you are all doing great with your hair journey :)
I have to say that I do get the texlax itch  but I've got so much support from ladies especially relaxed ones who keep me on tract. Amazing, right? Thanks to Anita of who shared her sister's progress with me.

With being petite and rocking a not so twa, I attract a lot of attention and popping out eyes. To overcome this, I've decided to stick to wigs when I have to go out and simply wear the hair out as often as possible. I can't stop people from giving me the stare but I can at least release myself from trying to avoid them.

To add to that, I've had some requests to share my progress as often as possible and not to hide the hair only to come out one day with big hair to show off. I quite understand that. Most often, you find youtube ladies who have bc'ed and vanished, only to return when they have enough length to showcase. I've started from zero so it's better to let people see at least week to week progress. If natural hair isn't expensive, this is one of the ways to prove it instead of hiding it under braids all the time.

Aside this, I think I've gone out from the zero hair stage to a good length to start wearing out so am going to do my best to wear it out. Shrinkage gets to me so much that I just don't know how to describe it lol. I mean I love my texture but the shrinkage for now isn't helping at all.

Anyway, catch my wash day post tomorrow to see how far I've come with the hair!


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