Wash Day, Rhaussoul Treatment, Relaxer Update...

Before application

1. Pre pooed with oil mix for hours before applying rhaussoul clay. A friend gave me the Sheabutter Cottage rhaussoul clay and I couldn't wait to try it.

2.  Mixed some of the clay with a bit of water; eye balled the quantities. Applied the clay on face and hair and went about house chores.

Mix in plastic not metal to avoid reacting with the clay

3. Rinsed the clay from both hair and face, skimmed deep conditioning the hair because I felt too lazy

4. Applied cantu sheabutter leave in 

5. Applied Elasta qp olive oil and mango moisturizer

6. Sealed with whipped sheabutter  mix.

I loved the clay; left my hair very moisturized yet clean. For face, clean yet moisturized face. I will prefer it on my face because most of my cleansers are very harsh thus alternating with the clay will allow the face to be balanced. Full review will be up after more use.

1. Used Optimal creme relaxer
2. Slightly combed through
3. Rinsed out and still had tons of texture
4. Neutralized about 3 times
5. Applied Suave almond and sheabutter conditioner-was too lazy to do a full treatment. Will do that tomorrow.

1. Why? Just something I wanted to do

2. Will I grow the hair out? May be

3. Will I BC again? Absolutely not

4. Will I transition someday? May be
It's late here so will post more pictures whenever I can.


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