Grow Your Edges Challenge

This second challenge focuses on your hair itself. A lot of the stress on the edges cause us to loose them and don't really look good especially with buns. Here's an opportunity to reclaim your hairline and enjoy your hair
Duration: 1st June-15th December, 2014
There are 4 levels
1. Beginners: apply your oil once  a week, twice in the day on the edges.
2. Intermediate: Apply oil 3 times a week, once a day on the edges.
3. Advanced: Apply 5 days in the week, once a day on the edges.
4. Boot Camp: Apply 7 days a week, once a day on the edges.

* Use an oil purposed for hair growth. These include chapter 2000, sulphur oil, sulphur 8, kuza hair food, castor oil, mix your regular oil with essential oils, etc.
* Check in at least once a week on the forum

Sign up
* Join your level group on the Emprezz zone  forum
* State the oils you will be using
*Post starting pictures.


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