Hair Tips for Bride-To-Be

Back and Front view of my wedding hairstyle
Ok, this is the first time am sharing something related to my wedding lol !I've been married for some years now.

I've been down the aisle and I had so much fun during the preparations. First of all, apart from being stress free, I was also very relaxed prior to the occasion.

Though I didn't know much about hair care at that time, I sailed through the rocky hair choice situation ladies find themselves in during their wedding preparations. Let me share some of the tips I implemented to make my hair style choice stress free.
  1. Stick to your go-to stylist or find one ahead of time: This is not the time to experiment with different hair dressers. At least 3 months to time, seek out the stylist you want. For me, I used my go-to stylist who had worked on my hair and knew what could or couldn't work for me. By  now, I know most of your have a stable stylist but if you don't, contact me for a few recommendations. I was able to discuss various styles with her  ahead of time. She recommended a style based on these categories
  • Convenience: you don't want to worry about what will happen should your veil get entangled in your hair. Whatever you put on your head that day should sit comfortably on it. you don't want your mind asking if your veil or hat is hanging on for dear life lol.
  • The weather: What if it rains? Would you style hold up should you get wet?I got some 'wetting" from friends yet the style wasn't ruined. If the weather is hot, would the style cause sweat to drip from it?
  • How long will it take to style that hair? You don't want to be the late bride because your hair took ages to fix!
  • How long do you want that style to last? I didn't intend keeping mine for more than a month because I wasn't going to travel around. If you would, you should do something that won't require time and effort to fix.
  • What's the effect of the style on your edges or scalp? It's not just about the D-day; your hair should still be healthy after that day.
  • Cost: how much do you want to spend on the hair? Would you use extensions and if so, what quality? Set a budget for how much you want to spend on the hair including that of your bridesmaids.
2. Let your style suit your personality: It's your day thus you shouldn't try to impress others. Work with what you love. Relatives will suggest styles to you but at the end of the day, let the decision be what you want.

3. Do you want colour in your hair? Try a hair chalk or a colour rinse- ie temporary colour to ensure that your hair doesn't fall out a few days to your wedding. There are shops in Accra mall that carry different temporary hair colour you can check out. Avoid permanent colours because you may change your mind only to find that you can't recolour.

4. When you need to have the style done. I've witness weddings where the bride is late because of the time it took to fix the hair style. For me, I wanted added tracks to make the hair fuller. However, I knew I didn't want a stiff face to achieve that. I stretched the relaxer and got it done a week to the wedding so I would still have sleek hair to blend with the weave without using so much heat. I got the tracks fixed  4 days to time to allow the scalp to relax and for me to get comfortable in it. My bridesmaids also got their hair fixed with extensions 4 days to time to allow their scalp to relax to allow for easy styling.
5. How about ponytails? If you are even getting engaged on the morning of your wedding day, do well to wake up early. If possible, get the stylist to sleep over! You save so much time, energy and joy. That means don't stay up late chit chatting-get a good night rest so you are refreshed for the wedding. I know a lot of ladies who had puffy looking eyes because they stayed up late. 

On a side note, I got a trial eye lash fixed months before the wedding to determine if I wanted them or felt comfortable in them. The day before the wedding, I got them fixed in early in the morning so my eyes were wide awake/open on the wedding day. You don't want to appear blind because you are uncomfortable in them!

Share your thoughts with me!


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