Mid Week Co Wash

As part of the coconut oil challenge, I have to wash twice a week but since I prefer co washing to shampoo washing twice a week, I decided a mid week co wash will be appropriate.

As per the rules of the challenge,
[1]    Prepoo: I prepooed with virgin coconut oil

[2] Conditioner: I first used forever living aloe jojoba conditioning rinse and followed with Aussie moist conditioner. The former contains protein and the latter is a moisturizing one so I had to create a balance.

[3] Leave in: After rinsing out the deep conditoner, I used a towel to dry it for a few minutes - I couldn't find my t-shirt. I followed up with Aussie hair insurance leave in.

[4] Sealing: I sealed with olive oil.
My phone isn't able to connect to my laptop so I post my wash day pictures on my facebook page. Kindly check and like the page to receive notifications.
[5] Styling: I just airdried. I hope to get a ponytail soon lol


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