Relaxer @ 6weeks Post

Pretty unusual of me but I couldn't handle the new growth. I don't know the next plan of action yet though I know I need to now focus on getting some new products to replace those I've used up. I went over to my stylist to get the touch up done and it was basically the normal routine except I didn't use a deep conditioner. I want to do that myself  to ensure the hair gets the maximum benefit without rushing through the process as it happens in salons.

****  We used ORS lye relaxer in normal strength to new growth. She used her fingers to work the relaxer through for some time before applying to the under processed parts. 

****I sat down for about 20 minutes

**** she neutralized with ORS neutralizing shampoo 3 times. 

****On the third application, she allowed the shampoo to sit for some minutes before rinsing. 

****She applied suave almond and sheabutter conditioner to the hair, allowed it to sit for a while and I skipped leave in because the Aussie hair insurance tends to leave a sticky like feel after application and didn't want to use it since I wanted to flat iron. 

****She applied olive oil to the damp hair and blow dried on cool setting before straightening.
I had to use my phone to get these snapshots but hope to get a clear weather over the weekend to take better ones.

Next morning, I applied a generous amount of virgin coconut oil and  fresh aloe vera gel all over the hair. The coconut oil will prevent the hair from becoming crunchy as a result of the aloe vera. Am currently at home with that on my head because I might do a full wash before night time else that will be on Sunday.


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