Relaxing Virgin Hair: What To Do During The Relaxer Process

--> Missed the post on how to prepare your virgin hair for a relaxer? Read it here.
 Again, what I share in this post is based on my personal experience.

For virgin hair, you may want to perform a strand test to determine how long the relaxer will take to process your hair to the texture you want especially  for those wanting texlaxed hair. I didn't do a strand test though this time round and I wish I had done that.

***Section the hair into manageable portions to allow for easy application. You need to apply vaseline or some form of oil protection on the scalp. Most relaxers have instructions on how use the relaxer; please read through it carefully before applying the relaxer.

For the application, I recommend starting from the back and working your way up to the edges  last because most often, the hair at the edges are weak and don't need to be subjected to further torture lol.
Using your fingers, smooth the relaxer through the hair. For texlaxing, I advice doing so at least twice before sitting down with the relaxer.  For bone straight, you may need a lot of smoothing to get the relaxer to work faster.

You may choose to use a comb to quicken the process but ensure that you do not scratch the scalp in the process.

After rinsing out the relaxer, and before the neutralizing shampoo, apply the protein treatment to strengthen the hair. Rinse, neutralize and add your leave in. The rest depends on your desired style-you can airdry or do a roller set.

What do you do after your first relaxer? That will be in the next post!


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