Wash Day @5 Weeks Post

*Prepoo: I prepooed with coconut oil
* Shampoo: shampooed once with creme of nature detangling shampoo
*Deep condition: mixed keracare humecto with oils- coconut, olive etc
*Leave in: Aussie hair insurance
* Sealed with whipped Shea butter.
I have 5-7 weeks to touch up depending on when I decide on the relaxer to use. Am looking at ors hairepair, dark and lovely amla legend relaxer or ors lye relaxer. The first two are no lye and will be appropriate for texlaxing whilst the last one processes faster yet might give me a straighter texture though it won't be bone straight.

I've had positive feedbacks about the ors hairepair products thus I want to give it a try.
Have you tried any of the first two relaxers mentioned? What are your views about them?


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