What To Do Before Going From Natural To Relax

If you have natural hair and want to relax or texlax it, what do you do?
***Well, first of all, you'll have to decide on how much texture you want left after relaxing-whether bone straight or texlaxed.

***Secondly, based on the texture result you want,  choose the relaxer. I recommend a lye relaxer for virgin hair that is to be bone straight as that works faster and I consider it "stronger" in terms of processing strength. For texlaxing, a no lye might work better since it processes less faster. However, the choice is still yours to make regarding your relaxer preference.

***Thirdly, fortify your hair for the treatmentat least 3 days before the procedure. I have left only a day in between and it worked for me but our hair isn't the same so be cautious here.To fortify the hair, you need to clarify the hair to get rid of build up. Follow with a light or medium protein treatment. Add a moisture treatment, moisturize and seal. 
***Be sure not to scratch your scalp to avoid cuts and burns.

On the relaxer day, ensure that you have all your products available. These include your oil to base your scalp, the relaxer, a mid step protein treatment such as ApHogee 2 minutes reconstructor, ORS replenishing conditioner. You will also need a neutralizing shampoo, leave in and oils to seal the hair.
In the second part, I'll discuss what to do after the relaxer.


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