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Co Wash + Coffee Rinse!

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As I stated in my last post, I'm trying to incorporate coffee rinses into regimen.

Today, I did the first one- apply coffee before co washing.
1. Prepoo: Almond and hemp oil.

2. Covered the hair for about 2 hours- was doing some chores.

3. Wet the hair and got my pack of coffee, let my stylist apply it to the hair and left it on for about 5 minutes

4.Rinsed and co washed with Aussie moist conditioner [am working on a video review of this product]

5. Currently air drying
Verdict so far; thumbs up to coffee rinse. It didn't leave ANY hardness so I will add to shampoo wash day whenever I can knowing that whether I use it before protein treatment or moisture treatment, the hair will still be soft.

The next co wash, I'll Prepoo with virgin coconut oil to see if I'll get the same softness.

This shampoo wash day, it will be as a final rinse. I don't have any leave in or oil as am air drying yet the hair feels soft. My assumption is that it won't…

4 Ways I Want To Test Coffee Rinse

1. Before co wash: I feel like my regular wash is complicated enough [yea, right!]. The Aussie moist conditioner is moisturizing enough to curb a bit of hardness- black tea rinse has a similar effect as a protein treatment.(Will explain in my next post).  If am left with too much stiff hair after use, I'll try no. 2

2. As a Prepoo: I may alternate coffee rinse with oil Prepoo. Thus, I'll shampoo after using it. If I don't like it, then to 3.

3. Before deep conditioning: Still to save time; I'll still not Prepoo with oil to do this. There are 2 things involved: try it before protein treatment and before moisture treatment to determine the most effective method.

4. As a final rinse alongside ACV rinse if I don't like it.
Read more about the benefits of caffeine here

Wash Day @ 4 Weeks: The Power Of Prepoo

This week's wash day experience theme has to do with Prepoo. I know I haven't being consistent with wash day experience themes but I'll try whenever I can.  During my last wash, I didn't like how my hair felt after using the sulphate free shampoo. I thought of 3 likely reasons for that and decided to test out each theory. Well, I'd wanted to skip Prepoo this week to see how the shampoo will work but because of the theme, I will told myself I had nothing to loose as I had my sulphate shampoo on hand. Am glad I took that step!

This wash:

You Know Ghanaian Women Naturally Have Short Hair

So why bother to grow it? Have you heard that before? I do on a daily basis especially when I hung out at my stylist's place. Our lack of healthy hair practices isn't our fault, most of our hair dressers are more to be blamed. They should have the requisite knowledge to handle our hair after school. Yet, it's the opposite.
Initially, I would try to explain why that assessment was false. Oh! The energy I invested into that was just great! However, maturity has taught me better. Instead of explaining, I use pictures to prove that it's not true. Pictures of Gh ladies growing healthy long hair as well as other blacks doing the same thing.

If you have a friend with that mentality or who thinks that you are blessed with plenty hair, naturally, it's quite frustrating but don't let it get to you. When you grow past Shoulder length, you will start getting curious people wondering how you were able to grow your 'brenya' hair (suffer to get hair). I got …

GHEZ Healthy Hair Feature: Meet Mira!

Emprezz: Introduce yourself

Mira: I am Miranisa, 19 and a healthy hair and nails enthusiast.

Emprezz: What motivated you to start taking care of your hair?
Mira: I wanted to prove to the people around me that my hair grows.

Wash Day: Old Habits Die Hard!

[1] Prepoo: overnight treatment with virgin coconut oil

[2] Shampoo: Lathered twice with ORS hairepair sulfate free shampoo, and once with diluted Creme of Nature detangling shampoo

[3]Protein treatment: I applied Creme of Nature intensive treatmentand covered with deep conditioning cap for about an hour- because I was too hungry to continue lol

[4]Moisture treatment: Keracare humecto mixed with virgin coconut oil, almond and hemp oil and Aussie moist conditioner; covered with deep conditioning cap for hours-didn't time it.

[5] Leave in: Aussie hair insurance leave in and beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in

[6] T-shirt dried for about 10 minutes

[7]sealing: ORS hairepair oil

8] Air dried

Wash day notes:
I'd wanted to use only the ors hairepair shampoo but after lathering twice, my hair still didn't feel clean enough for me that's why I used the CON shampoo. Right now, honestly, am confused.

I might be accustomed to the CON shampoo that's why I didn't appreci…

I Don't Have Support!

It's a complaint I get very often. Ah, well, don't worry. I also didn't when I started the hair journey but I didn't let that keep me  from striving for the best.

People found my passion for healthy hair to be weird. They couldn't understand why I would bother to treat my hair with all the attention I could give to other things.
This blog is a result of the lack of support. I knew there would be others like me in the same boat as GH women weren't aware of the changes in the hair care scene.

My stylist at that time, 2011, couldn't fathom my desire for healthy hair and the numerous instructions I gave her when I went to get my hair done. The prove of my dedication started showing and by the time I had moved to a new area, my hair was simply fabulous! My new stylist and I had such a passion for healthy hair being that she had almost bra strap length hair and did long stretches, relaxing about 2 or 3 times per year!

****The advice I'll give you is …

How I Retain Moisture Now!

I mean in my hair. Simply put, my new regimen.
For about 3 weeks now, the only thing I've done differently is prepooing with virgin coconut oil 2x a week. I Prepoo before co washing and before full wash.
See my wash posts for details.
What I've noticed for the past days is very moisturized hair. The hair is soft, smooth and easy to pass hands through it.
The implication is that prepoos have come to stay regardless of how many times I wash. My actual goal is to wash 3x a week though I don't know when I can reach it.

Additionally, after these years of ups and downs with my hair, I've learnt to stay away from protein and that has been the best decision so far. I do use light protein but I make sure to use a moisturizing treatment afterwards. I know most ladies get away with no moisture treatment after light protein- wish it applied to me:(
Combined with the Prepoo, my hair is in a better state.
The next thing is to use my steamer with every wash to maximize the effects o…

Hair Update: One Week In Cornrows

With my own hair. I used the  extensions from the last box braids as a ponytail/bun. I know most of you will be familiar with this my style. Aside being cheap to install, it took less than an hour to do. I noticed that because I'd gained more length, the hair had no sting whatsoever during parting. I have a minimum of 4 weeks more to undo. If I can do a ponytail with my own hair after removing, I won't get any set done- am currently 3 weeks post relaxer. By the time I undo the braids, I will be about 8 weeks post relaxer; I'll decide whether to continue stretching or relax.

Coconut oil Challenge Week 3: Co washed Hair

*****Pre wash treatment with virgin coconut oil.

*****Saturated the scalp and hair with the oil, covered with deep conditioning caps for about 3 hours.

*****Saturated the hair with a lot of Forever Living aloe and jojoba conditioner and left it on for about 3 minutes, rinsed and followed up with Aussie moist conditioner which I left on for about 3 minutes too.

*****Rinsed and applied Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in mixed with Aussie hair insurance and water.

*****Airdried for a while and applied jbco olive oil mix.

Am glad to be using the virgin coconut oil; my hair has been smooth and I hope it continues that way. For the rest of this month, I don't plan of getting extensions so I can work on nourishing the hair properly. My full wash will, hopefully,be on Thursday

Wash Day @ 1 Week Post Relaxer

Exactly one week. I've, been enjoying my hair this time. I can't understand why I didn't use  the ORS lye relaxer earlier.

I've had some co washes in between to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. I, now, wash once a week and co wash once a week. See here for my co wash results.
This wash was started by me and completed by my stylist. I'd intended doing it in the evening but I got caught in the early morning rains so I opted to get the wash as soon as I could.

[1] Prepoo: using virgin coconut oil which I  generously applied to the scalp and hair and covered with deep conditioning cap for 2 hours

[2] Conditioners: washed the hair with forever living aloe jojoba rinsing conditioner mixed with Aussie moist conditioner for a protein-moisture balance. It still had about a teaspoon full of roux porosity control conditioner which I mixed with water for a rinse.
I used rain water to wash out the conditioners in my kitchen sink. I didn't want to wait till my poly ta…

Small Product Haul

I got these from Damilola of

If you look at my stash of current products, I had already listed these as part of it since I had placed an order for them.

Anyway, In one of my posts, I mentioned what I had to replace or restock. The Creme of Nature detangling shampoo is almost out and as it's a sulphate based one, I am reserving the rest for thorough cleansing occasionally and switch to something new- a sulphate free shampoo. I posted 3 options on my Facebook page and finally settled on the ORS hairepair invigorating shampoo. This is my first time trying a store bought sulphate free shampoo[ the African black soap which I have used on my relaxer hair several times is also sulphate free]. I'm excited to see how my hair responds to it.If the results are awesome, I may add another sulphate free shampoo.

Another free spot was for a creamy protein free leave in. By the way, I've given my cantu Sheabutter leave in to someone so I don't have any pr…

Coconut Oil Challenge Week 2: Co wash

--> It's the second week of the hairlista coconut oil challenge and the first week of the GHEZ hair challenges. What's the relationship between these challenges? Read on.
For the wash:
*Pre wash treatment with virgin coconut oil.  *Saturated the scalp and hair with the oil, covered with deep conditioning caps for more than an hour.The fun part
*Saturated the hair with a lot of Forever Living aloe and jojoba conditioner and a little Aussie moist conditioner. I massaged these into the hair for about 10 minutes! The goal is to use up the forever living conditioner this month since it's been almost a year since I opened it.
* Rinsed and applied Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in[more about it tomorrow]
*Sealed with jbco olive oil mix and air dried.
All I could pray for was for the aftermath softness to last till the next wash! The hair was extremely moisturized, smooth and simply sweet to touch
*Oiled the scalp with the coconut oil again for bedtime and covered w…

Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil and Herbs

--> By Don'ttouchthe hair
Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read my issues with finding hair products in Nigeria. Since I can’t always find products I like, I have been looking for locally made products. Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil and Herbs is a product you can easily find throughout Nigeria. I bought it in April 2013 and I’ve used it on and off since then.
Read more

The Addiction You Didn't Know!

Since I've committed myself to the hairlista coconut oil challenge, I can't do weaves, braids with extensions but wigs for a day or two which is ok for me. I have tuned my mind to use the period to purge myself of the over reliance on extensions. It will surely be struggle for me, a difficult task yet beneficial in the long run.

It scares the daylight out of me thinking about the withdrawal syndrome much like the no buy challenge. An extension addict who gets easily bored with styles is what am dealing with. Am really scared of failing, no am not a perfectionist but I love to be at peace with myself all the time! I can't express the negative impact this addiction has on my finances, health and hair line.

Hair Challenges Start Today!

So, it's 1st June and that marks the beginning of the challenges! I, most, definitely enjoyed seeing my progress from TWA to ear length.

As I shared in the posts about the use up your stash challenge and grow your edges challenge, you need to join in on the forum and follow the rules of the challenge. The durations of the challenges are the same.
Sign up ends on 14th June.

You also need to post a starting picture of your edges to track your progress. You will find mine on the forum.
I realised uploading a picture unto the forum via phone isn't working. I'll find out how to resolve that but till then, you can simply write out your list like I did.
As I mentioned on my facebook page, there will be 8 prizes for grabs at the end of all the challenges to cover each level!!! It's my habit to reserve revealing of prizes till end of challenges; it applies to this challenge.
Do it for yourself and your hair and not necessarily the prize:)