4 Ways I Want To Test Coffee Rinse

1. Before co wash: I feel like my regular wash is complicated enough [yea, right!]. The Aussie moist conditioner is moisturizing enough to curb a bit of hardness- black tea rinse has a similar effect as a protein treatment.(Will explain in my next post).  If am left with too much stiff hair after use, I'll try no. 2

2. As a Prepoo: I may alternate coffee rinse with oil Prepoo. Thus, I'll shampoo after using it. If I don't like it, then to 3.

3. Before deep conditioning: Still to save time; I'll still not Prepoo with oil to do this. There are 2 things involved: try it before protein treatment and before moisture treatment to determine the most effective method.

4. As a final rinse alongside ACV rinse if I don't like it.
Read more about the benefits of caffeine here


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