Co Wash + Coffee Rinse!

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As I stated in my last post, I'm trying to incorporate coffee rinses into regimen.

Today, I did the first one- apply coffee before co washing.
1. Prepoo: Almond and hemp oil.

2. Covered the hair for about 2 hours- was doing some chores.

3. Wet the hair and got my pack of coffee, let my stylist apply it to the hair and left it on for about 5 minutes

4.Rinsed and co washed with Aussie moist conditioner [am working on a video review of this product]

5. Currently air drying
Verdict so far; thumbs up to coffee rinse. It didn't leave ANY hardness so I will add to shampoo wash day whenever I can knowing that whether I use it before protein treatment or moisture treatment, the hair will still be soft.

The next co wash, I'll Prepoo with virgin coconut oil to see if I'll get the same softness.

This shampoo wash day, it will be as a final rinse. I don't have any leave in or oil as am air drying yet the hair feels soft. My assumption is that it won't leave the hair stiff as a final rinse. I'll be reverting to 45 minutes wash day so I need to fit everything into that time. I want to have different options of usage so that if I skip one, I can still use it another way.

I'll keep you updated on my progress.


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