Coconut Oil Challenge Week 2: Co wash

It's the second week of the hairlista coconut oil challenge and the first week of the GHEZ hair challenges. What's the relationship between these challenges? Read on.
For the wash:
*Pre wash treatment with virgin coconut oil. 
*Saturated the scalp and hair with the oil, covered with deep conditioning caps for more than an hour.The fun part
*Saturated the hair with a lot of Forever Living aloe and jojoba conditioner and a little Aussie moist conditioner. I massaged these into the hair for about 10 minutes! The goal is to use up the forever living conditioner this month since it's been almost a year since I opened it.
* Rinsed and applied Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in[more about it tomorrow]
*Sealed with jbco olive oil mix and air dried.
All I could pray for was for the aftermath softness to last till the next wash! The hair was extremely moisturized, smooth and simply sweet to touch
*Oiled the scalp with the coconut oil again for bedtime and covered with satin cap.
This morning, for the first time this year, GHE worked well on the hair- soft, smooth, and hydrated strands! Twice a week will be enough to maintain moisture in my ever thirsty hair!

My next wash will be on Thursday. I will use a conditioner instead of a shampoo and get foam rollers set. I'll still prepoo with coconut oil to end week 2 of the HCOC.
I have pictures of my edges on the boot camp level on the forum. They aren't too bad but I know I can do better.


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