Coconut oil Challenge Week 3: Co washed Hair

*****Pre wash treatment with virgin coconut oil.

*****Saturated the scalp and hair with the oil, covered with deep conditioning caps for about 3 hours.

*****Saturated the hair with a lot of Forever Living aloe and jojoba conditioner and left it on for about 3 minutes, rinsed and followed up with Aussie moist conditioner which I left on for about 3 minutes too.

*****Rinsed and applied Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in mixed with Aussie hair insurance and water.

*****Airdried for a while and applied jbco olive oil mix.

Am glad to be using the virgin coconut oil; my hair has been smooth and I hope it continues that way. For the rest of this month, I don't plan of getting extensions so I can work on nourishing the hair properly. My full wash will, hopefully,be on Thursday


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