GHEZ Healthy Hair Feature: Meet Mira!

Emprezz: Introduce yourself

Mira: I am Miranisa, 19 and a healthy hair and nails enthusiast.

Emprezz: What motivated you to start taking care of your hair?
Mira: I wanted to prove to the people around me that my hair grows.
I have very coily hair and the shrinkage was real no matter what and I really didn't like it so I relaxed my hair; a personal choice. Then, I realised my hair was light and I wanted thick bouncy hair so I started researching and reading. That's how my hair journey started.

Emprezz: What was your starting length, where are you currently and what is your ultimate length goal?
Mira: My starting length was way below EL. I had cropped my hair before relaxing. 10 months later, am at the start of neck length. My ultimate goal at the moment is Bra strap Length but that is subject to change.

Emprezz: Describe your regimen-products, washing, styling and daily routine?
Mira: I wash  once a week, apply growth aid 3x a week. I moisturize and seal daily and also do protective styles.
Emprezz: Do you stretch your relaxers? How do you do it?
Mira: I try to stretch my relaxers at least to 12 weeks.

Emprezz: As someone in this part of the world, do you have challenges you face and how do you combat them?

Mira: I have challenges with people doubting me and trying to stick their nose in my journey. I also experience unnecessary skepticism. I simply ignore them.
Note: See this post I don't have support where I address this issue:)

Emprezz: :Any advice for African ladies on a hiar journey on the African continent?
Mira: Relaxed hair is delicate so alway handle it with Tender loving care (TLC)

Thanks Mira. You can find her at


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