Hair Challenges Start Today!

So, it's 1st June and that marks the beginning of the challenges! I, most, definitely enjoyed seeing my progress from TWA to ear length.

As I shared in the posts about the use up your stash challenge and grow your edges challenge, you need to join in on the forum and follow the rules of the challenge. The durations of the challenges are the same.
Sign up ends on 14th June.

You also need to post a starting picture of your edges to track your progress. You will find mine on the forum.
I realised uploading a picture unto the forum via phone isn't working. I'll find out how to resolve that but till then, you can simply write out your list like I did.
As I mentioned on my facebook page, there will be 8 prizes for grabs at the end of all the challenges to cover each level!!! It's my habit to reserve revealing of prizes till end of challenges; it applies to this challenge.
Do it for yourself and your hair and not necessarily the prize:)


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