How I Retain Moisture Now!

I mean in my hair. Simply put, my new regimen.
For about 3 weeks now, the only thing I've done differently is prepooing with virgin coconut oil 2x a week. I Prepoo before co washing and before full wash.
See my wash posts for details.
What I've noticed for the past days is very moisturized hair. The hair is soft, smooth and easy to pass hands through it.
The implication is that prepoos have come to stay regardless of how many times I wash. My actual goal is to wash 3x a week though I don't know when I can reach it.

Additionally, after these years of ups and downs with my hair, I've learnt to stay away from protein and that has been the best decision so far. I do use light protein but I make sure to use a moisturizing treatment afterwards. I know most ladies get away with no moisture treatment after light protein- wish it applied to me:(
Combined with the Prepoo, my hair is in a better state.
The next thing is to use my steamer with every wash to maximize the effects of the oils. I think I've found a place I can set up without a lot of stress. I, honestly don't use it because I have to undo and redo the set up with every use and I get lazy with that chore. Am hoping to get a permanent corner for it.

My goal is still shoulder length at the end of this year so am working hard towards that.
I'll be doing a full wash God willing tomorrow so doing an overnight Prepoo now.
How's your hair?


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