I Don't Have Support!

It's a complaint I get very often. Ah, well, don't worry. I also didn't when I started the hair journey but I didn't let that keep me  from striving for the best.

People found my passion for healthy hair to be weird. They couldn't understand why I would bother to treat my hair with all the attention I could give to other things.
This blog is a result of the lack of support. I knew there would be others like me in the same boat as GH women weren't aware of the changes in the hair care scene.

My stylist at that time, 2011, couldn't fathom my desire for healthy hair and the numerous instructions I gave her when I went to get my hair done. The prove of my dedication started showing and by the time I had moved to a new area, my hair was simply fabulous! My new stylist and I had such a passion for healthy hair being that she had almost bra strap length hair and did long stretches, relaxing about 2 or 3 times per year!

****The advice I'll give you is to stop trying to convince people to change their minds. Your success will do that for you. The enthusiasm you feel when you start your journey will not be shared by everyone.

****Don't confide in others when it comes to your products and hair plans- they will discourage you from buying them or executing the plans

****Stick to what you believe works for you and don't allow your stylist to ruin your progress just because you didn't want to speak so as to hurt his/her feelings.

****Connect with ladies on the same course through the various facebook fan pages for healthy hair; they are a lot of them including mine.

****When you achieve a goal, don't rub it in your friends face. Let them see it but don't talk about your hair if you think their questions may be offensive.

When all is said and done, achieving your hair goals will be the magnet that will draw others to join you!


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