Small Product Haul

I got these from Damilola of

If you look at my stash of current products, I had already listed these as part of it since I had placed an order for them.

Anyway, In one of my posts, I mentioned what I had to replace or restock. The Creme of Nature detangling shampoo is almost out and as it's a sulphate based one, I am reserving the rest for thorough cleansing occasionally and switch to something new- a sulphate free shampoo. I posted 3 options on my Facebook page and finally settled on the ORS hairepair invigorating shampoo. This is my first time trying a store bought sulphate free shampoo[ the African black soap which I have used on my relaxer hair several times is also sulphate free]. I'm excited to see how my hair responds to it.If the results are awesome, I may add another sulphate free shampoo.

Another free spot was for a creamy protein free leave in. By the way, I've given my cantu Sheabutter leave in to someone so I don't have any protein based leave in and I intend keeping it that. I got the beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in after reading reviews about it especially being moisture leave in. First impressions: very slippery- haven't encountered a slippery product like that before! I will have a review up after a month of usage.

Lastly, the ORS hairepair scalp and hair oil. I purchased it solely for the reason that it contains natural oils eg grape seed, almond etc. No petroleum, no mineral oil. If I can have all these in one bottle, then, I certainly don't need different bottle of oils I have. Am glad to be using up those oils so I can fully enjoy the hairepair oil. I might use it occasionally for green house effect but will be in full use when I have none of the other bottles.

I still need the following but not till I've emptied 5 products:
ORS aloe shampoo for neutralizing
and Clarifying.
A good moisturizer- still researching
Anti Friz serum
Two groganics DHT blocker system

In the nutshell, the no buy challenge has been extremely vital in curbing unnecessary purchases.

In the nutshell, my no buy challenge unless needed has been extremely helpful. It's been six months now and I look forward to the remaining months.
Joined on me on the forum for updates on how am doing with the use up your stash and grow your edges challenges.


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