The Addiction You Didn't Know!

Since I've committed myself to the hairlista coconut oil challenge, I can't do weaves, braids with extensions but wigs for a day or two which is ok for me. I have tuned my mind to use the period to purge myself of the over reliance on extensions. It will surely be struggle for me, a difficult task yet beneficial in the long run.

It scares the daylight out of me thinking about the withdrawal syndrome much like the no buy challenge. An extension addict who gets easily bored with styles is what am dealing with. Am really scared of failing, no am not a perfectionist but I love to be at peace with myself all the time! I can't express the negative impact this addiction has on my finances, health and hair line.

What I don't spend on products, I spend on weaves and braids that last for a few days because am either bored, experiencing unpleasant things like smelly hair, sweaty scalp, crazy itches and a host of stuff that should prevent me from doing them again yet I fail to do so.
Apart from the waste of precious time in installing and taking down, I also subject my scalp to too much stress which I try to manage with scalp massages. It doesn't help that my stylist is a pain free braider so I can easily switch styles!

By acknowledging this just like the product junkie I had become, it will be easier following a plan. The plan is to wig for occasions by getting cornrows with my own hair only for that moment. A rough patched cornrow will hold the with in place.
Additionally, I'll be taking it one week at a time; each day will be a struggle to stay away from weaves or braids worsened by the proximity of my stylist.
As the hair gets longer, I can get goddess braids for days I don't want to wig it; cheaper and less time consuming. One way I dealt with PJ was by making room for occasional treats and that's what am applying here.
As usual, I'll keep you updated. If you have any hair addiction, do find a solution to it before it hurts you.


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